About this Virtual General Elections

The Mauritius Global Diaspora is conducting a Virtual General Elections from 00:00 (Mauritian Time) 8th May 2021 to 11:59 (Mauritian Time) 15th May 2021 as part of its aim to help Mauritians across the World gain the Right to Vote and to merge both Mauritians in the country and those around the World to come together and help make Mauritius a better place to live for all.

You may choose not to participate in this Virtual General Election.  If you decide you do not wish to participate, please close this webpage and do not visit our website, www.mauritiusglobaldiaspora.com.

The procedure involves filling in your personal details in a form which is then compiled by a Voting Software.

Who is eligible to Vote in this Virtual General Election?

All Mauritian Citizens, 18 years old and over, are eligible to vote, regardless of location.

What information do we ask voters?

Voters are required to give their name, email address and phone number as part of the Voting process.  This information is required in order to validate their vote via a security code which is emailed or sent via SMS.

Our Voting Software also collects the IP addresses of voters to monitor voting activity and to ensure integrity of the result is preserved.

What do we do with Voter Responses?

We will do our best to keep your information confidential.  All data is stored in a password protected electronic format.

All data that Voters submit via this form (Name, Email Address and Phone Number) is automatically deleted permanently once the Result of the Virtual General Elections has been announced publicly.

If you have any questions about this Virtual General Elections, please contact us by filling in the form on our website: https://mauritiusglobaldiaspora.com/contact.

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